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How to Tell When Dry Herb is Done in a Vaporizer

How to tell when dry herb is done in vaporizer herb vaporizers offer users a safe, clean and easy way to enjoy their favourite flowers. However, it is important to know when the herbs are done so you can keep the flavours as fresh as possible. The best way to tell when your dry herb is finished is by analysing the taste. The terpenes are what gives cannabis its unique flavour, and when they are used up the bud will have a duller, bitter or even burnt taste. This is an indication that you are nearing the end of your session and it’s time to load up a new bowl.

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Another important thing to look out for is the colour of your herbs. As the terpenes are vaporized, the bud will start to change colour. The bud will usually turn from green to brown which means it is getting close to being used up and needs to be replaced.

Once the bud is completely done, it will begin to lose its sweet aroma and may start to smell like burnt popcorn. This is a sure sign that the bud is no longer good for vaping. Attempting to use it again will lead to the bud smelling and tasting worse as well as potentially burning or charring the herbs which can damage your device. Always make sure to empty the chamber and clean your device properly after each session to ensure that the next buds have a fresher, cleaner flavour.

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