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How to Hold a Golf Club Right-Handed

How to hold a golf club right-handed When playing golf the grip is a crucial aspect of your overall swing. It can influence how you swing the club, your stance and many other aspects of your game. There are three main ways to hold the club. They are weak, strong and neutral. You can determine what type of grip you have by looking down at your hands. If the ‘V’ made by your thumb and index finger point towards your chin (right hand for right-handed players, left hand for left-handed players) then you have a strong grip. If the ‘V’ points over your shoulder then you have a weak grip.

How should a beginner golf swing?

To find out what type of grip you have, start by placing the club in your lead hand (right for right-handed players, left for left-handed players). Then curl your ring and middle fingers around the grip. Lastly, slide your pinky finger in between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. This is called the interlocking golf grip.

This method of holding the club is commonly used by beginners because it’s the most familiar. It is also known as the ten finger golf grip or baseball grip. In this technique, all ten of your fingers go onto the grip.

For this grip, you need to position the club in your weaker hand (left hand for right-handed players, right hand for left-handed players). You should be able to see two knuckles of your dominant hand on top of the handle. Next, rotate the grip towards your dominant side and away from where you are aiming. If the ‘V’ formed by your thumb and index finger is visible to you then you have a weak grip.

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