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First English Lutheran Church Columbus Ohio

First English Lutheran Church

first English Lutheran church Columbus Ohio

The First English Lutheran Church is a place of worship in Columbus, Ohio. The church was founded in 1988. Their revenue and employee count are not known. Read on to learn about their Restoration work and what to expect once they finish the restoration. You can also find contact information and service times. You can also contact the church through their website. However, it’s best to visit the church in person in order to see for yourself how the restoration work has turned out.

Restoration work at First English Lutheran church

When the fire destroyed First English Lutheran church in December of 2003, the congregation opted to repair the exterior of the building rather than tearing it down. While this may have worked out for other churches, the renovation at First English was particularly important for this landmark. In order to keep the church’s iconic bell tower intact, the restoration work involved a total cost of over $3 million. However, the fire did not happen during the annual fundraising campaign.

One solution was to install a new, energy efficient furnace. The church replaced its old, inefficient gas furnace with an efficient one. First English Lutheran church became the first congregation in Ohio to receive Energy Star certification. Another ELCA congregation that has reduced its energy costs is the First Presbyterian Church in Athens. They successfully reduced their energy use by 20% and avoided 9.2 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Staples of the new church

The story of the Staples of the new English Lutheranism in America begins in 1845, when two men from the small town of Swanburg erected a church and met there on a regular basis. A week later, a man named John Dehaan came to the town and started a community survey. He visited all the homes in Swanburg, collecting information about the religious life of the area. The results of the survey were used to write a petition, with 42 signatures, to the Synod.

Service times

The First English Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran in America. Located in Franklin County, OH, the church is led by Pastor Robert G Ward. It is a friendly, diverse community centered around the Good News of Jesus Christ. For more information about the church’s service times, please visit the church’s website. The church is open to everyone.

Contact information

If you’re looking for a place to worship in Columbus, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. First English Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving the communities of Franklin County, OH. Pastor Robert G. Ward serves as pastor of the church. First English is a welcoming community of faith centered on the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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