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Choosing a Basket Planter

A basket planter  is a great way to showcase plants or flowers in the garden or home. It is important to take a few considerations into account when choosing a basket or container for your plants, including the growing conditions and watering requirements. The best baskets for plants will allow for proper air circulation and have a drainage hole in the bottom. You will also want to consider using a plastic saucer or these bamboo planters under the pot to catch the water draining from the bottom of the basket and prevent rotting of the soil. You should also take the plant out of the basket regularly for a few hours to let it dry out.

Natural Charm: Embracing the Beauty of Basket Planters in Your Garden

You can find baskets for plants online or in garden centers and nurseries. You can also use old baskets that you have around the house, like a wicker laundry or fruit basket, to make an easy planter for your favorite herbs, flowering ferns or small plants. Baskets made of rattan are sturdy and will last long. They can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price at thrift stores or flea markets.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a basket or planter is where you plan on putting it. Different plants have varying sunlight needs, from needing full shade to being able to tolerate partial sun. Knowing your location and how many hours of direct light it receives will help you narrow down your options. Then, choose the size of the basket or planter to accommodate your desired plant or flowers.

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