Pastor Sally Padgett

 Reverend Sally has been serving as the senior pastor at FELC for the last 2 years with a focus on redevelopment. In 2015, she was first introduced to this community when she served as an associate pastor and we are blessed to have her back as the lead pastor of our congregation. 

Sammi Shivener

Sammi has been serving for almost a year at FELC as the Ministry Coordinator. Her role here is to be engage with all aspects of our community to meet the needs of our members, neighborhood, and partners. She manages the coordination and administrative tasks while building relationships with everyone who visits FELC.

Worship Team

James Blackmon

James has been leading worship for FELC for a few years now and we are blessed by his musical talent every Sunday. He is known around the city for his musical talent and it is a joy to hear him play piano every week.

Debra Brown

Debra has been a gift to our community for many years and her voice brings joy to our worship services every week. Her gift of singing perfectly compliments our worship and enlivens the spirit every Sunday morning.